Automatic De-Icing Spray Systems

We have a solution to avoid icy conditions and spray before it becomes slippery and dangerous!

Our Automatic De- Icing Spray System provides a comprehensive solution for the detection and analysis of road conditions that are affected by weather. Our System only sprays the de-icing solution if it is necessary. That avoids unnecessary waste and saves money.

Contact-free measurement by cameras

An optical sensor is used for the contact-free measurement. This sensor detects and measures all required atmospheric conditions: air temperature, thickness of the water film, dew point, and relative humidity

Classification of road-surface conditions

Our system classifies the following road-surface conditions: dryness, wetness, snow, frost, and it would be able to detect the formation of ice, but the system sprays before it can form!

Measurement and Spraying from edge of the carriageway

We do not need to cut, drill or breakup the road. The sensors, spray heads, and all the other parts can be installed alongside the roadway.